About Aega

Aega ASA is a Norwegian listed investment company with focus on solar power and renewable energy.

Industrial investments
In Italy we are an industrial player with primary focus on acquisitions of smaller existing solar parks (below 5MWp capacity), following strict investment criteria. Aega has a proven track record of operating in the Italian market and our Italian organization has a very hands-on operational focus. This presence on the ground contributes to value enhancement of our investments. We deliver best in class asset performance, efficiency, and financial structure.  All together strong advantages when it comes to the Italian market, a market we consider our home turf together with the Nordics.

Financial investments
In addition to being an industrial player we consider financial investments within the renewable energy sector, both in Italy and the Nordics. We concentrate on the «pre-IPO» market and this represent a strong opportunity for Aega as financial investor. We only do friendly deals and are comfortable with minority stakes. Our contribution is not purely financial as we wish to be active and share our industrial and financial knowledge. 

Investors and history
Our investor base consists of thousands of private investors. Aega aims to represent an opportunity for these investors to be part of deals that they would not be able to enter as individuals. With that in mind we conduct our strategy. Every day and for the long run.

Aega was established in 2013 and has since its inception developed its strategy to include financial assets in renewable energy with a strong solar focus. This is in addition to our core legacy which is Italian smaller solar parks. Aega has its operating offices in Oslo, Norway and Trento, Italy.